Offers remote control systems for gas fireplaces, stoves, inserts and logs.


Rutland manufactures over 750 products for the installation, care and repair of stoves, wood boilers, fireplaces and chimneys. Rutland offers products for the DIY homeowner and the professional chimney sweep alike.

Challenger Designs

Expanding the usability of your home and workspaces has never been easier. Challenger Designs creates turnkey solutions to transform small spaces into functional work areas and irresistible entertainment zones. Enhance your indoor and outdoor living with our high-quality, lightweight, durable solutions.

Real Fyre

Real Fyre has been providing comfort, convenience and enjoyment for homes for over 60 years. Experience the vented collection from Real Fyre and enjoy the splendor and warmth of a wood fire while dramatically reducing air pollutants. Burning Real Fyre Gas Logs instead of wood preserves precious forest resources for generations to come.