Star-Fire Distributors’s mission is to build a totally customer-focused company!

We want a place where our customers can find the answers to meet their customers’ needs. We’ll do this together with a team of dedicated employees and partners who believe in creating a positive customer experience above all other things.

We’ll listen to our customers, invent on their behalf, and personalize our services for each of them. All while practicing the highest of ethics to earn their trust.

Our product line includes hearth products, specialty heating equipment, grills, gaslights and many other distinctive appliances from top manufacturers as well as accessories and replacement parts.

Please browse our site for information about appliances that can add convenience, comfort and peace of mind to your life. Then call or visit one of the dealers listed in our Dealer Locator to learn more about purchasing and installing specialty appliances in your home.

Star-Fire Distributors is a wholesale outlet and does not sell retail.

Contact Information

Star-Fire Distributors
1355 Evans Avenue Akron, OH 44305
Phone: 800-875-6220 Fax: 330-633-8701
E-mail: [email protected]