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American Fyre Designs

Homeowners across the country have come to realize the allure of outdoor fire features in their backyard. Fire brings warmth, glow, and serenity, encouraging us to relax and unwind. American Fyre Designs outside fire features enrich your outdoor living space and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary inviting conversation that flows well into the night – even when there’s a chill in the air.

From fireplaces perfect for cuddling up under the stars to fire tables ideal for entertaining, each product is expertly crafted from innovative glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). GFRC derives its strength from a dosage of alkali-resistant glass fiber and acrylic polymer that results in durable concrete to withstand the outdoor elements. Modular construction creates easy-to-assemble components, meaning American Fyre Designs products fit easily into almost every backyard with fast and simple installation.

Fire tables and fire bowls are of exceptional product design and quality and manufactured in the United States. American Fyre Designs products are available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to complement any décor.

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Designed and manufactured by the company that brings you Fire Magic premium grills, American Outdoor Grills are made with a stylish, sleek appearance. The rounded hood and contoured face feature a satin finish that enhances any outdoor kitchen.

AOG grills are constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainless steel and feature a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids and sleek analog thermometer for precision grilling. With its recessed back burner, warming rack, spit rod and motor, AOG grill products allow you to create any meal outdoors.

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Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a smoker, grill and oven that can cook any food year round. Available in seven sizes Рfrom mini to 2XL Рand with over 100 eggcessories and related products, the Big Green Egg functions best when used with natural lump charcoal (instead of briquettes) and starts easily Рeven in freezing temperatures and pouring rain Рwithout lighter fluid, using a natural fire starter or electric lighter.

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Challenger Designs

Expanding the usability of your home and workspaces has never been easier with Challenger Designs. The company’s products allow you to transform small spaces into functional work areas and irresistible entertainment zones with its turnkey solutions. Enhance your indoor and outdoor living with high-quality, lightweight, and durable solutions that are weatherproof, rust-resistant and easy to move.

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Fire Magic

Choosing to purchase a Fire Magic grill is a choice to purchase one of the finest grills available. Backed by the industry’s best and longest warranty and a dedicated, customer-focused team, a Fire Magic grill is an investment that will pay dividends for years. They’re engineered and built to perform for a lifetime, so the pride and joy you’ll experience owning one of these products will last you a lifetime, as well.

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Le Griddle

Designed and manufactured in France (with the approval of French chefs to guarantee an optimal cooking experience), Le Griddle uses high-tech, aircraft industry manufacturing to produce the highest quality products. Its dual plate griddles are made out of 304 stainless steel attached to a cast iron plate that provides optimal heat distribution and food contact while reducing energy consumption and creating a perfect cooking surface.

In addition, the cast iron plate is ultra-resistant, which protects the surface from rust, discoloration, and distortion.

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Modern Flames

Modern Flames is known as the innovative leader in modern, contemporary electric fireplace design and technology for residential and commercial settings. The company pioneered the introduction of the contemporary linear electric fireplace throughout North America in 2008. The look has since become a very popular application for architects, designers, builders and homeowners because of the extremely realistic flame appearance paired with the ease of installation and overall cost compared to a gas or wood fireplace.

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Real Fyre

For more than 70 years, Real Fyre has been creating some of the most beautiful gas fire products you can buy. Their gas fire logs are authentic-looking to the point where they become statement pieces with or without a fire burning.

If you’re seeking a more contemporary look, Real Fyre also offers a wide range of stunning glass and stone designs.

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A leading manufacturer of products for fireplace, chimney, and stove maintenance, RUTLAND manufactures over 750 products for the homeowner and the professional chimney sweep alike.

Perfect for maintaining, cleaning, or repairing wood or gas stoves, fireplaces, hearths, and chimneys, RUTLAND offers high-quality fire starters, heat resistant cements and mortars, creosote and soot removers, high temperature silicone sealants, stove door replacement gaskets, chimney cleaning rods and brushes, and other items to meet your unique needs.

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Starter King

Made with 100 percent reclaimed and FDA-approved materials, Starter King fire starters are not only weatherproof and eco-friendly, they’re designed to light quickly and burn longer than similar starters, ensuring an instant, odorless, kindling-free fire. In addition, the product’s portability makes it an ideal fire starting solution in any location for any situation.

See Starter King in action on YouTube.

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The Bearded Butchers

The Bearded Butchers’ seasonings and sauces are created by avid outdoorsmen and talented butchers, Seth and Scott Perkins, who grew up hunting, harvesting, and butchering all types of wild game, as well as domestic livestock at their family’s butchering business. Their unique blends of salt and spices are perfect for all types of food, not just all types of meat, which is why the company’s slogan is “Use it on everything!”

The company’s 10 spice blends and two sauces are formulated to enhance flavor while still keeping ingredients “clean.” This means every product is free of sugars, MSG and anti-caking chemicals.

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Founded in 1942 in Akron, Ohio, Thermo-Rite Manufacturing originated the tempered glass fireplace enclosure. In fact, Thermo-Rite was awarded the first United States patent for tempered glass fireplace enclosures – a patent held exclusively by Thermo-Rite from 1946 to 1963.

Every Thermo-Rite product – without exception – is produced in its Akron, Ohio facility. The design of Thermo-Rite fireplace enclosures are notable for their attention to detail, which results in ease of installation, trouble-free operation and timeless beauty.

Every aspect of Thermo-Rite products – from design and manufacture, to assembly, final inspection, and packaging – is monitored and controlled at its modern facility to ensure easy, convenient installation, superior performance, and lasting beauty.

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